Advanced query syntax

A search can also be limited by a specific field in CityU Scholars. The advanced query syntax enables users who are intimate with all the index fields in CityU Scholars to perform more advanced queries than possible with the basic query syntax. To write a query using this syntax, you must write '^' as the first character in the query that you enter - for example "^abstract:science AND title:computer".

Tip:Notice the option for adding the ^ character using the advanced search form at "Additional options".

Advanced search strategies

Search, limit to... Example Notes
title ^title:universe Finds content with 'universe', only in the title
abstract ^abstract:universe Finds content with 'universe', only in the abstract
keyword ^keyword:universe Finds content where 'universe' has been added as keyword - or is part of a keyword.

Tip:To explore more and get a full overview of search fields, please refer to the full description here

Operator Example Notes
AND or [blank space] term1 AND term2 Finds content with BOTH term1 or term2
OR or | term1 OR term2 Finds content with EITHER term1 or term2
NOT or - term1 NOT term2 Finds content where term1 is present BUT NOT term2

Note:Boolean operators must be ALL CAPS. And AND is the default operator, when using two or more search terms.

Combining search methods

Using ( ) search queries can be build by combining for example boolean operators with field searches. For example like this: (evaluation OR usability) AND ^title:design